Only Those who follow these Top Traffic Generation methods are inclined to succeed. Will You be one of them? – Part I

Traffic is the #1 Priority of All Online Business Owners.


But not just any traffic. What you’ll need in order to attain success online is targeted traffic. That means people who are seriously interested in whatever information, product, or service you happen to be promoting online.


Fortunately, there are numerous ways in which to generate traffic. Some good. Some not so good. But if you handle them properly, any and all methods of gaining additional traffic can be beneficial.


For example, pay per click advertising is an excellent source of attracting highly and specifically targeted viewers. And the more you step up your pay per click campaigns, the more traffic you’ll gather.


In fact, there’s no end to the amount of traffic – laser targeted traffic – you can ultimately generate. Just keep picking the right keywords and funding the account.


On the free side of traffic generation, you have search engine optimization at the top of the list. It’s the most popular and widely used free method which can bring in tons of viewers or a mere trickle, depending on the keyword or keywords chosen for web page optimization.


But when it comes to keyword SEO, quantity doesn’t always beat out quality. That mere trickle of viewers who respond to a certain “obscure” or less than competitive keyword might not be large in numbers but they’ll be extremely large with regard to how targeted they are.


Conceivably, you could get much better results from the 100-a-month trickle viewers than you would from 1000 viewers responding to some other keyword.


The point is, any targeted traffic – which means any viewer who is specifically interested in what you’re offering – will provide solid and positive results. Whether that equates to more subscribers signing up for your mailing list or more people purchasing your products or services, it still spells accomplishment.


Of course, pay per click and keyword SEO aren’t the only super stars in traffic generation. Another very effective method of gaining traffic is to write and distribute your own articles.


Just pick a topic, one that relates to what you’re promoting while at the same time is associated with a targeted keyword. Then write an article around that topic and include links that funnel people to the page or pages that contain information about any product or offer you mentioned in the article.


Other methods of traffic generation include…


  • link popularity


  • starting your own affiliate program


  • posting on discussion boards


  • posting comments on blogs


  • creating and distributing free ebooks and software


  • creating and distributing software utilities


  • forming alliances with other business or product owners


  • offering product testimonials and endorsements


  • distributing a syndicated column


  • making your blog or website content available through RSS


The list goes on and on. Just use your imagination, either to improvise on already established methods or to come up with your own creative ways of generating more traffic.


Of course, the best traffic methods are the ones you can set in motion once and still receive good results over an extended period of time… for weeks, months, or even years to come.


For example…


If you place a post on a discussion board, it will remain there indefinitely. Along with your signature file and/or reference to a specific URL address.


If you write an article and submit it to directories, it will be available for as long as those directories are in existence. Along with a link back to whatever page or pages you’ve chosen to mention within the article and resource box.


If you create a free distribution ebook or software utility, it can be distributed and passed around for as long as there’s a perceivable worth. Along with advertising messages and links that lead to whatever you’re promoting as well as your primary website.


If you start your own affiliate program, you could have hundreds – if not thousands – of people promoting your products or services for you. Along with links back to a page on your main website.


And of course, each and every one of these methods would be driving targeted traffic on a regular and continuous basis. All because you set something in motion once.


Regardless of what methods you use, it’s always a good idea to implement the most powerful ones first. That would include keyword SEO, pay per click advertising, and writing and distributing your own articles.


Once you have those types of traffic generating methods solidly in place, start implementing the other methods. As many as you feel comfortable with.


But don’t stop at any point and time. Whenever you have the time to do so, keep adding traffic generation methods as well as increasing the volume of those that are already in place.


That’s the way to ensure that you’ll not only receive a substantial amount of targeted traffic, you’ll be able to consistently raise the numbers. And like all aspects of marketing and promotion, the more targeted prospects you attract, the more income you’ll ultimately bring in.


Traffic Generation Methods

generate traffic online


Search Engine Optimization


When it comes to generating targeted traffic for free, this is by the far the most effective method you can choose. That is, assuming you do it properly.


The whole objective is to optimize individual pages for specific keywords. Viewers search for those keywords, find your page listed in the search engine results, and subsequently go to that page.


Of course, there are precise details that need to be addressed in order for this method to bring in scores of targeted traffic.


For one thing, you need to choose the right keywords. That would be…


  • keywords that are directly related to the content or subject matter of a particular page


  • keywords that are widely searched for each and every month by a considerable number of people


  • keywords that have little or no existing competition by other websites with similar content and/or purpose


You then need to create quality content that’s based on each of the keywords you’ve chosen. The more content you place on your website, and the more content-laden pages you create, the more search engine traffic you’ve receive.


The only problem is, it takes a great deal of time and effort to create individual web pages. Especially since you have to create them with search engines in mind.


It’s not just a matter of jotting down subject matter and getting it on your website. You need to sensibly choose topics that can be optimized for keywords that can generate the most traffic, either individually or collectively.


But it’s not just about how many pages you can create. You also need to focus on the content, mainly because it plays such a large role in how search engines assign value. Which brings the topic right back to keyword optimization.


But whether you create and optimize pages manually or through the use of software programs, the only thing that really matters is the choice of keywords. Choose ones that will attract the type of viewers and prospects you need and you’ll continue to receive unlimited traffic for free for as long as your website exists.



Pay-Per-Click Advertising


If you can afford it, pay per click advertising is the most effective and productive method of gaining traffic.


And since you choose and then bid on keywords that are precisely and specifically associated with your offer, you’re guaranteed to receive highly targeted traffic.


Another top advantage is the fact that you can start receiving traffic right away, oftentimes within minutes of launching a pay per click campaign. Which in turn means you can begin to receive financial benefit almost immediately as well.


Naturally, you’ll want to conduct a fair amount of research before lunging into any pay per click campaign. That includes choosing the right (and most effective) keywords for your particular niche, determining how often those keywords are being search for each month, and establishing how much competition already exists for each keyword.


Once you’ve conducted all the necessary research, you then need to isolate the keywords that would most likely generate the best results.


Performing each of the tasks involved in that type of research can be performed manually. Or, you can save a great deal of time and effort by simply using a any software program available. Just google it and you get the best options.


What’s most important about the pay per click ads you write is maintaining a balance between the amount of targeted traffic you attract and preventing too many clicks from people who are not seriously interested in what you’re offering.



Write and Distribute Articles


As previously mentioned, you want to choose topics that are related to both a product or offer you’re promoting and one or more targeted keywords that are associated with whatever you’re promoting.


That gives you two distinct advantages…


One, you’re able to capitalize on everyone who is searching for a particular keyword and will therefore already be highly interested in the subject of your article.


Two, you’re able to mention specific products or offers within the article (related to both the topic and the keyword) and then provide links that take the reader directly to any pages you’ve chosen.


For example, let’s say your article explains how to use Google Adwords more effectively and you‘re an affiliate for a program promoting Ananlysis of Adwords


Within the body of the article, you could mention that Ad Word Analysis Program is the perfect research tool and then include either your affiliate link or the page on your website where you pre-sell the product.


And don’t forget your “about the author” resource box. It’s the perfect opportunity to advertise your business, your website, your products, or even drive people to a page where they can sign up for your mailing list.


Of course, once you’ve written an article, you need to get it published and distributed. To start with, place it on your own website (hopefully within a separate section that contains all those other quality articles you’ve written).


Next, submit the article to as many directories as possible. That will allow other website and newsletter owners to use your articles for their own content.


There are innumerable article Directories. However, the two top  article directories include…


Article City



Ezine Articles


You’ll also want to encourage people who visit your website to use your articles. Ways to do that would be…


  • Tell them outright that your articles are free for reprint as long as no changes are made and the resource box is included and remains intact.


  • Provide the means for people to simply copy and paste your article, both in text and HTML format


  • Place your articles in a zip file that people can download to their own computer.


It’s also a good idea to have them sign up for notification whenever a new article becomes available. That accomplishes two things at once… you get additional mailing list members and you give people the opportunity to publish your latest articles hot off the keyboard.


Remember, the more times your articles are published and distributed, the more traffic you’ll receive. So you need to do everything you can to make it easy and convenient for website and newsletter owners to use your content.


I think it is enough for Today. Go through this post and try and implement the methods in small scale and test your results. It’s the best way to gain momentum and rinse and repeat the ones that produce the best results and discard the ones that did not work for you.

In my next post I will cover more traffic generation methods and hope that will also be useful and informative for you in all online marketing endeavors.

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