Website Design for Beginners

These days, many people have the need to design a website. However, prior to beginning this type of project, there are several questions to ask yourself to make sure that your final results are what you want. After all, there are millions of websites out there, the vast majority of which get virtually no traffic at all. The questions in this article will help you make good decisions when designing your website.

What is the purpose of your website? Are you posting chapters from your great American novel for people to read? Are you selling your memorabilia from the early days of professional baseball? Do you want to find all of the members of your extended family? Each website has its own particular purpose, and the specific purpose for your website will affect the decisions you make as far as design and layout.

Who is your audience? If you are aiming at more hardcore Star Wars fans, then you will have a different sort of content than someone who is setting up an in-home day care and wants a website to market it to potential clients. If you think that there is a possibility children will access your website — particularly without adult supervision — then you want to take steps to ensure that your website only contains appropriate content.

Do you want people to be able to see all of your features from their iPhones, or do you have a more robust design in mind, which means that a laptop will be needed to see the entire site and be able to interact with it effectively? You’ll want to discuss this question before making major investments in a place to operate your website.

It is not necessary to post fresh content on the hour, every hour. You do need to post content frequently enough to keep people coming back, or at least interested in your website. You can do this by finding new items that people want to read (that are related to your area of expertise) and posting them on your website. Many popular websites use content from other websites all the time. Also, we live in the smartphone era, which means that almost everyone on the planet has a camera- and is looking for the next cool thing to put on Facebook and Instagram- or their own website. Savvy web marketers post often.

Are you using your website to sell products or services, or is it more of a personal interest website? This will definitely affect the design and layout of your website, as well as the time and money you spend boosting its marketing presence. If you are selling things, you will want to maximize your investment by working with the site and optimizing your content.

Starting a website is an exciting project. However, before you get underway, ask yourself the questions in this article to see if you are on the right track. Use your answers to evaluate your progress thus far and make course corrections if needed.

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